Three green policy updates from May’s plenary sitting

Parliament voted on the methane emissions reduction proposal, the proposal empowering consumers for the green transition, and the own-initiative report on the New EU Urban Mobility Framework.

Three initiatives under the ‘Zero Pollution’ Package to keep an eye on

Updates on three legislative proposals adopted by the Commission under the ‘Zero Pollution’ Package, which sets key reduction pollution targets for 2030.

Updates on the legislative progress of three energy policies

Updates on the legislative progress of the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Delegated Regulation on RFNBOs.

Revision of the energy performance of buildings directive

Here is a summary of the legislative progress and the position of the three institutions on the revision of the energy performance of buildings directive.

Policy updates on six transport proposals

Here is the legislative progress (with timeline charts) on six sustainable transport proposals under the ‘Fit for 55’ package.

Council updates on three digital economy and society proposals

On 6 December 2022, the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council adopted the Council’s general approach on the Artificial Intelligence Act and the EU Digital Identity initiative and discussed the legislative progress of the Data Act.

November updates on the ‘Fit for 55’ interinstitutional negotiations

MEPs and Member States reached a political agreement on the Effort Sharing Regulation and the LULUCF Regulation, while trilogue negotiations on the ETS are under way.

Upcoming proposal adoptions under the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan

Several sustainability and pollution-related proposals were adopted in March and April 2022 under the Commission's Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP). While the adoption of the following three proposals was planned for 30 November 2022, the adoption of the right to repair initiative is now likely to be postponed until March 2023.

3 policy updates from the past week

From a provisional agreement to a draft report, here are 3 exciting recent developments in EU policy.

3 environmental policies (July 2022)

As the European Parliament summer recess begins, here are three environmental policies which have recently gained traction.

3 developments this week (June 2022)

From provisional agreements to a Parliamentary plenary session, here are three developments in EU policy

3 policy updates (May 2022)

Three key draft reports adopted by the Environment committee on May 17th

Two updates from the May plenary session (May 2022)

Two policy updates from the May Parliamentary plenary session

A deep dive into two upcoming Commission proposals (April 2022)

Two upcoming legislative initiatives which establishing new environmental frameworks governing EU law

3 policy updates (April 2022)

From a provisional agreement to a draft report, here are 3 exciting recent developments in EU policy.

5 sustainable finance policies to keep an eye on (March 2022)

Part of the Green Deal, the 2021 Sustainable Finance Strategy has generated a number of policies. Here are five to watch out for.