About The Policy Development Tracker 

The Policy Development Tracker (or PDT) from ENDS Europe allows you to monitor the development of new policies within the EU. It's the perfect customisable data tool that's built with you in mind. Whether your interest lies in environmental or all EU policy areas, PDT will cover it all through its live update dashboard. Understand the direction of policy and have the ability to track individual developments in real-time. Select the policies you want to track - we’ll alert you at every step so you will never miss a critical update.

Whether via a personal or group subscription, PDT offers great value for money. Per-user rates in group subscriptions are far lower still.

For further information on how to subscribe or if you would like to discuss what package best suits your company, please contact Samantha Critchell  samantha.critchell@haymarket. com  or +44 (0) 208 267 5513.