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We are currently updating the PDT website. If you experience any display issues with updates please contact Athina Tsalikidou at

Welcome to the ENDS Europe Policy Development Tracker (PDT)

We’ll help you monitor policy from inception to completion, allowing you to track every EU policy that you need to follow.

Whether your interest lies in environmental or all EU policy areas, PDT will cover it all through its live update feed and daily email alerts. Effortlessly identify relevant policy and view changes in real time for the policy YOU want to track. 

As a subscriber you will have access to:

  1. Policy developments in real-time
  2. Easily digestible policy context delivered by experts
  3. Detailed timelines covering every aspect of the policy-making process

Request a demo today and see how PDT offers you a fast and reliable way to get the information you need whilst saving you valuable time sifting through hundreds of sources and documents.